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Uplifted Music Management manage the careers of world class artists such as Mark Wheawill (Artist/DJ/Record Producer) and also organise the manufacture, promotion, release and sales of any music releases as well as everything that it takes to create a highly successful career for an artist in the 21st century. We also organise gigs to help promote their music releases and we organise events and do event management for artists who have assigned us as their Artist & Music Management team.


Our Music Company is a pioneer and innovator when it comes to leading the way in the music business in the 21st century. We pride ourselves on closely guarding and protecting the artists we represent and giving them a much better chance of success in the music industry from years of experience. We are a high quality company which is as independent as possible to ensure maximum exposure and reach for artists who are represented by Uplifted Music Management.

Please contact us to make any enquiries about artists we represent such as Remix Projects, Gigs and Worldwide DJ Bookings. You can do this by clicking on Contact Us in the main menu which is at the top right hand side of our official website.


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We provide a first class world class service for artists which have assigned their music to us to help manage their music careers in the 21st century. Uplifted Music Management helps find support and funding for artists for recording projects, music releases and promotional activities. We take care of the distribution, retail, airplay, publishing and event management as well as many other activities for each of the artists we represent to ensure they have a highly successful music career and achieve their true potential.


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